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Update on the 2020-2021 School Year!

Hello Raptors!

We can't wait to "see" you again when we start school on Tuesday, September 8th. It is normal to have a ton of questions right now - how could you not?

So, what can you do to stay on top of what's going on at CodeRVA?

  • Check your email (and have your parent/guardian check their email) as much as possible. Mrs. Goranson sends lots of important updates and tidbits through email, so it is essential that you and your parent/guardian check it frequently.

  • Start thinking through what working from home will look like for you this fall. If you are a rising 10th, 11th, or 12th grader, what worked and didn't work for you this past spring and summer? If you're a rising 9th grader, do your best to figure out a space within your living quarters that you can work in during the school day.

  • Stay positive and flexible. Right now is a strange time for everyone. Years from now we will look back on this time in appreciation and awe for how creative and malleable we had to be in order to make things work.

  • Reach out to your school counselor or teacher when you need extra support!

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